Why Merely Organise Your Bathroom When You Can Marie Kondo it?

Why Merely Organise Your Bathroom When You Can Marie Kondo it?

Got a cluttered bathroom? Unleash the magic of the KonMari Method of Tidying.

Tired of dirty clothes strewn on the bathroom floor? Bothered by counters turned eyesores, overflowing with bathroom products you seldom use? Searching for ways to maintain order in your shared bathroom? Wishing for some much-needed magic to turn your bathroom into a clutter-free haven of serenity? Look no further! Instead, put on your magic cape and get ready to learn bathroom-transforming secret spells based on the famed KonMari method of tidying and our design recommendations. Here is how to organise your bathroom.

Let’s begin by demystifying the tidying magician that is Marie Kondo. The Japanese organising expert first shot to international fame with the publication of her book The-Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The book, which went onto become a #1 New York Times bestseller, selling over millions of copies, provides a comprehensive guide to Marie Kondo’s trademarked KonMari system. The method, on the face of it, is simple enough with its six basic rules – commit yourself to tidying up, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy by category and not by location, follow the right order of tidying, and ask yourself if it sparks joy. The philosophy of it runs deeper, as it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking. More recently, Kondo’s Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has catapulted her success to new heights. So much so that her name is now a verb – so don’t be surprised if you hear of someone who is Marie Kondo-ing their homes or have recently Kondo’s their houses.

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Declutter And Reorganise For Best Results

Our first order of business bathroom organiser ideas comes from Marie’s rule of ‘start by discarding, all at once’. Since Marie favours sorting all items in a particular category in one shot, look to organising all bathroom related products at one go. Gather all related items in one place and systematically decide which ones to keep. All those that are past their expiration dates, those that have outlived their purpose, that half-finished bottle of conditioner you will never use, those small bottles of hotel toiletries you are storing since forever, out with all of them. The products you decide to keep should be the ones that touch the heart or spark joy.

Sassy Storage Speaks Volumes

Once you have decluttered (and only after you have decluttered completely) Kondo advocates turning your attention to storage. She has one primary rule when it comes to storage – keep it simple. Kondo’s premise is that most people realise they need to own fewer items, but due to the complexity of their storage systems, they fail to realise exactly how much they own that can be de-cluttered. “The secret to maintaining an uncluttered room is to pursue ultimate simplicity in storage so that you can tell at a glance how much you have,” maintains Kondo.

Specifically for bathroom products, Kondo writes, “there is no need to keep soaps and shampoos out when we’re not using them.” Instead, we should wipe them down after a bath and store them away. This not only protects the products from needless heat and moisture, it also makes the shower or bath area easier to clean. A simple way to store bathroom essentials is to use a bathroom organiser shelves. More so in small bathrooms as they do not rob space. Kondo uses built-in shelves in the bathroom as storage. You could also explore floating shelves. Look above your toilet. See a wall with a lot of unused space begging to be used? Install floating shelves. They are both practical and pleasing to the eye. The area under the sink also offers a solution for storage. Build custom cabinets that make optimal use of the space. Utilize the negative space inside for over-the-door organisers to hold brushes, razors and other essentials; and removable hooks to hang lightweight cleaning cloths and other small items. Don’t forget to pare the items to be stored down to the absolute essential before making any design decisions regarding storage systems.

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How do I organize my home Marie Kondo?

The KonMari Method is a methodical approach to tidying: by category, rather than by the room or location within a room. Marie Kondo encourages us to start with clothes, then books, papers and miscellaneous items, finishing with sentimental possessions. She suggests keeping only the things that 'spark joy'.

What are the principles of Marie Kondo?

Rule 1: Commit Yourself to Tidying Up. The KonMari Method™ is not a quick fix for a messy room or a once-in-a-while approach to tidying. ... Rule 2: Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle. ... Rule 3: Finish Discarding First. ... Rule 4: Tidy by Category, Not by Location. ... Rule 5: Follow the Right Order. ... Rule 6: Ask Yourself If It Sparks Joy.