When Double Vanities Are Double The Trouble

When Double Vanities Are Double The Trouble

A double vanity is one of those luxury bathroom features that has become an expected staple in modern bathroom design — what modern master bathroom is complete without one? With twin bathroom vanities, two individuals are able to wash up side by side. Each person has his or her own sink, to use anytime, with convenience and comfort. Yet for all their benefits, double bathroom vanities do have some downsides. When you’re in a situation where your double vanities are causing double the trouble, what should you do? To help answer this question, here’s a look at the good, the bad and smart strategies for using a modern double vanity at your home.

Benefits of Double Vanities

From increasing bathroom efficiency to improving overall property value, double vanities offer several benefits. Here are some of the biggest advantages from having twin sinks:

  • More efficient routines. With double vanities, you have twin opportunities for brushing your teeth, washing your face, washing your hands, etc., all without having to wait your turn. By utilizing more space for washing up, double sinks enhance household routines and create more efficiency for your home.
  • More space. A second sink also means an extra area with storage and/or counters for use. The expanded space of a second vanity means more room for storing toiletries, etc., in the bathroom.
  • Greater property value. Because double vanities are so ubiquitous in modern luxury homes, most homebuyers see them as an asset. When your bathroom has a twin vanity, it has a selling point that can enhance your overall property value.

For these reasons and more, most modern homes that have the space to accommodate double vanities will choose them over a smaller single vanity. If your bathroom has two sinks, know that you’ve got a feature with selling power! Nonetheless, there can be downsides to double vanities, too.

How Double Vanities Can Mean Double Trouble

As great as it is to have an added sink, it means more space to clean. Likewise, double the plumbing means double the potential for plumbing problems. What are other ways that double vanities cause issues? Here are some of the most typical problems associated with the feature:

  • Too much sink, not enough counters: Double sinks are great, but what’s even better is the counter space to go along with them. Think about how you actually use your bathroom. What percentage of time are you using the sink versus applying makeup or fixing your hair? Do you really benefit from the sink, or would it be better to have extra counter space instead? For many homeowners, the answer surprises them. In these cases, double vanities may mean more sink than you need, with not enough counter space.
  • Two clogged sinks: Use any bathroom sink for a reasonable amount of time, and it’s normal to experience drain clogs — but the problem is even worse in a double sink. Because double sinks typically share a drain, any clog on either side can affect both.
  • Annoying plumbing problems: When your double sinks stop working properly, you may have a plumbing problem that’s to blame, and the plumbing problem may be bigger or more frustrating if it affects both sinks. Depending on the complication, you may be able to fix it yourself or you might need to call a plumber.

Tips to Remember When You Have Double Sinks

Just like adding square footage means more space and more to clean, adding a second sink comes with benefits and drawbacks. Thankfully, in most cases, the benefits outweigh the frustrations. In fact, to help you make the most of your bathroom sinks, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Counter space matters. If you’re still in the process of designing a new home and its bathrooms, take time to evaluate vanity options. Whether you have a single sink or double sinks, you may find that the best feature is extra counter space at the vanity.
  2. Storage matters. Just because you’re going to have extra sink space doesn’t mean you won’t need extra cabinets. Think of all the products and accessories you keep in the bathroom, and look for a vanity that can accommodate them.
  3. Know how to clear a clog. If you run into a situation where one or both of your sink drains are clogged, knowing how to fix the problem will save you the cost of a plumber. What you need to do is get a sink plunger (different from a toilet plunger) to clear the clog.

The good news with double vanities is they have a lot to offer. To learn more about double vanities or to find just the right one for your home, shop our catalog at Sanix Way.