What Makes The Perfect Guest Bathroom?

What Makes The Perfect Guest Bathroom?

Guest bathrooms are often one of the last places of your home to see updates. Rarely used by the household, guest bathrooms are typically small and uninviting. However, these bathrooms are an excellent opportunity to wow guests and up the ante when it comes to design. Employ the following techniques to create the perfect guest bathroom in your home.

Redesign the Guest Bathroom for Maximum Space

Typically, guest bathrooms are small. Although your guests’ time in your bathroom is expected to be brief, there is no reason why they should be uncomfortable. When you update your bathroom, strive to increase the space. You can do so by incorporating a closet, cabinets, or taking space from another room. Even a few feet of space can improve the level of comfort your guests experience when using your bathroom.

Choose a Sleek Design for Your Shower Enclosure

Over the years, the industry standard has changed drastically when it comes to shower enclosures. Although the bathtub/shower combination was great for saving space, the design was lackluster. Modern shower enclosures are often separate and bigger.

Additionally, glass is the most popular option for shower enclosures. Glass is an attractive choice because there are a plethora of modern styles to choose from. Plus, it’s easy to clean and rust-free.

Don’t Forget the Soaking Bathtub

Even though many people prefer a shower instead of a bathtub, it’s important to give them the option. One of the biggest trends is including a freestanding tub in a spa-like shower enclosure. With the option to soak during a visit, you can help your guest alleviate stress.

Rejuvenate Your Bathroom With Upgraded Fixtures

Updated fixtures in a guest bathroom have the ability to transform the look and feel of the room. You can completely change the look of your guest bathroom by incorporating a new bathroom faucet based on your choice of metal, including polished nickel, sterling or oil-rubbed bronze. Although updated fixtures may seem like a simple strategy, this minor tweak can infuse life in smaller bathrooms.

Trick Your Guests’ Eyes With the Right Lighting

Bathroom design is all about what you see. If you need more space, but don’t have any way to incorporate physical space, you can use the lighting in your bathroom to make your room seem bigger. Layered lighting adds texture in your bathroom, and it creates a soothing feeling. To get the most out of your lighting, install sconces, leverage natural light from a window, and use recessed lighting.

Once you’ve enhanced your lighting, consider bold mirrors, a popular trend this year. Oversized mirrors hanging over pedestal sinks give your guests a quick way to check their look. Additionally, these mirrors also help to reflect the lighting, making it appear as if you have more lights in the bathroom.

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