All You Need To Know About Wash Basin Vanity Designs For Your Home

Wash Basin Vanity Designs For Your Home

Vanity brings together a sink and a cupboard or floating drawers together. This enticing piece of furniture not just adds to the functionality of your bathroom but has the unique capability of transforming your bathroom from a simple traditional space to an ultra-modern area.

Be it a small space of a lavish bathroom with a beautiful bathtub and personal jacuzzi, a vanity washbasin helps you keep your bathroom organised and clean, lends additional storage without taking up space, conceal drainage pipe and adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the most exuberant vanity washbasin designs to add the pizzaz to your bathroom.

A Sleek Vanity Washbasin In White And Blue

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If you like clean lines, contrasting colours and simple designs this unit is for you. The white washbasin, tile and marble countertop brings in an aura of serenity to your washroom while the blue vanity unit brings out the contrast magnificently. You can add some indoor plants to give the area a look of freshness as well. The open box shelves on one side provide additional space for your toiletries and small decor items. This washbasin vanity unit is placed strategically to create a subtle partition between your toilet and lavish bathtub. Add a rectangular mirror in white and some Edison bulbs for a vintage vibe and make your bathroom look spacious and sparkling.

A Modern Vanity Unit With Bowl Shaped Sink In Stone

This is a compact washbasin vanity unit intelligently designed to provide ample storage space. You can use the sky blue underskirt unit to keep your toilet essentials. The push to open the vanity unit behind the mirror and a wall to ceiling storage unit with dedicated space for the washing machine makes this design perfect for small apartments. The sky blue and white colour scheme cuts the monotony of stone textured finish walls beautifully and lends this bathroom a modern rustic look. This wall hanging vanity unit helps keep your floor clean. Try adding a glass partition to separate the shower area and save your bathroom sink cabinets from moisture.

A Corner Vanity Washbasin Design

This design is apt for urban dwellers living in compact apartments with small attached bathrooms. If you don’t have space for an elaborate bathroom vanity unit this petit washbasin vanity unit is just perfect. You can use the corner of your bathroom to create a cosy vanity area. The floating vanity provides space to organise your bathroom towel and the white bowl sink adds a sleek look to your bathroom. You can also add a tall mirror to make your tiny bathroom look spacious. This white washbasin vanity design creates a beautiful contrast to the slate tiles on the bathroom walls.

A Modern Vanity Washbasin With Floating Drawers And Wooden Panel

If you love to add a touch of wood to your bathroom interiors then this bathroom vanity is the best choice for you. The floating drawers add storage space for all your daily essentials or cleaning materials while the wooden panels add warmth and elegance to the floral mosaiced wall. You can also add a hidden storage area behind the mirror to house your tissues, soaps and toiletries. The inbuilt sink helps save space and gives the bathroom a clutter-free look.

A Minimalist Yet Luxurious And Well-Lit Washbasin Vanity Design

We at Design Cafe believe in providing our customers with ample storage space and using a minimalistic approach without compromising on aesthetics. This washbasin vanity is a perfect example. A simple and elegant bowl-shaped washbasin in white and low floating drawers make for a compact design for this bathroom’s interiors. The tall unit with inbuilt organisers with backlights helps you showcase your luxurious toiletries. Beige and white vitrified tiles, spotlights and a beautiful painting add a touch of luxury to the bathroom effortlessly.

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Which shape of wash basin is best?

But prefer buying either a square shape or oval shape. Avoid buying very modernistic or other shapes for the same. While buying Wash Basin sink for bathroom one very important feature home owners shall look for is the basin/sink bowl depth. The sink bowl shall be deep enough so that water doesn't splash while using it.