Vanity-Top Materials And Styles For Your Bathroom

Vanity-Top Materials And Styles For Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are a lot of countertop options available on the market, in various styles and price points. Whether you go with granite or solid-surface is really up to you, and will largely depend on your preferences and budget. However, making a good decision starts with knowing what’s available. Before you can commit to a particular vanity-top material, you’ll want to be sure you understand the differences between natural stone and manmade stone, for example. You’ll also want to understand the pros and cons of each countertop option. Ask yourself: Are you most drawn to the visual appeal of natural stone or to the warmth of wood? Would it make more sense to go with a manmade stone or with an acrylic-resin? What does each countertop material have to offer, and what are its drawbacks?

To help you think through these decisions and be able to shop the different vanity-top styles with confidence, here’s a look at four popular bathroom vanity-top materials and what they have to offer:

    1. Natural Stone:

      Whether you’re talking about the ever-popular granite or the trendy marble, natural stone countertops have a lot to offer, given that they’re durable, beautiful, heat-resistant and, if properly sealed, easy to maintain. Included among stone countertops are granite and marble; as well as limestone, slate, sandstone and soapstone, giving you several styles and colors from which to choose. While natural stone tends to be expensive, it’s usually a great choice in a small area like a bathroom vanity, where you can get a big bang for your buck in terms of visual appeal. At the same time, you’ll want to keep in mind that natural stone can stain, and large pieces may require extra support beneath the vanity.


    1. Manmade Stone:

      If you like the look of stone but want something more eco-friendly and stain-resistant, consider manmade stone countertops. Designed to be durable, heat-resistant, hygienic and low maintenance, manmade stone vanity tops are strong, available in many colors and styles, sometimes made with recycled materials and beautiful. While it is an expensive option, manmade stone can last a lifetime and looks as attractive as its natural counterpart. In terms of bathroom vanity-top styles, it’s an increasingly popular option.


    1. Wood:

      Long beloved for their natural beauty and warmth, wood vanity tops create a look like no other, and they’re available in various types and stains. From maple to cherry to bamboo (which is technically a grass), you’ll find myriad options. If you go with reclaimed wood countertops, you’re also going with a recycled, eco-friendly option. On the downside, however, wood countertops can sustain water damage when they’re not sealed properly, and they may need to be refinished over time.


  1. Acrylic-Resin:

    Solid-surface materials like acrylic-resin create versatile, durable countertops that can, in some cases, rival the look of natural stone. They’re affordable, virtually seamless, impact-resistant and, in cases where they do sustain damage, easy to repair with a little buffing. Resin countertops are also nonporous, so they don’t encourage the growth of bacteria or fungus — a positive feature in the high-moisture environment of a bathroom. As far as downsides, acrylic-resin countertops can have a lack of consistency among products, so there’s not a lot of reliability from one version to another.

Looking at these four popular bathroom vanity surfaces, it’s easy to see how there are strong benefits to each one. Whether you go for the durability of nonporous solid-surface countertops or the warmth and beauty of wood depends on several factors. Think about looks, for one thing, and the visual impact each countertop choice would have on your bathroom’s appearance and ambiance overall. Consider also durability and which countertops can best hold up to the level of use you’ll require in your home. Last but not least, think carefully about costs, compare different price points, see what fits in your budget, and pick a vanity top that suits your needs.

When you’re ready to browse bathroom vanity-top styles, head to our bathroom vanities page on Sanix Way.