Transitional Bathrooms

Transitional Bathrooms

In modern bathroom construction, the transitional style is trending. Take one glance at an interior design blog or magazine, browse Instagram and Pinterest, and you’ll likely see numerous examples of one of the most popular bathroom fads in the marketplace.

So, what is it? How is it different from other styles? How might you incorporate transitional bathroom ideas into your space? Here’s a brief look into this trendy design aesthetic.

What Is a Transitional Bathroom?

Part of the reason you may not be familiar with the term “transitional bathroom” is because it can have several meanings. Most commonly, though, it describes a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Think clean lines, but with a warm sensitivity; minimalist features alongside homey, comfortable ones. To further explain, here are some common characteristics of transitional bathroom designs:

  • Easy accessibility: As more people are living longer in their homes, accessible bathrooms are quickly becoming vital. Fortunately, these bathroom features have multiple benefits. A built-in shower seat with a handheld showerhead makes bathing more comfortable for elderly or disabled people while simultaneously adding luxury and convenience. Likewise, the same grab bars that protect against slips and falls can function as extra towel bars.
  • Luxury: Another commonality among transitional bathroom remodel projects is the spa-like vibe. Luxury is front and center with soaking tubs, saunas, chandeliers, heated floors and beautifully papered or tiled walls that create visual focal points.
  • High-end countertops: One place the transitional aesthetic makes itself obvious is with the countertops. Transitional bathroom products feature materials such as quartz, quartzite, granite and marble.
  • Soothing color palettes. Expect transitional bathrooms to have a relaxing, soothing atmosphere, right down to the color scheme. Popular choices include white, gray, beige, silver and deep blue.

While these examples demonstrate common attributes of the transitional style, there is still a lot of flexibility. Some designs lean more traditional; others, modern. The point is that these spaces can be personalized to fit your taste.

Benefits of Transitional Style

What accounts for the widespread appeal of the transitional trend? Why are so many bathrooms falling into this category? Here are a few benefits that make this design so popular:

  • Flexibility: With so much fluidity in the idea of a transitional bathroom, there is leeway for plenty of preferences and personality. You can pick and choose features of the traditional and contemporary modes, making the combination work for you.
  • Familiarity mixed with modernity: In many ways, transitional taste blends the best of two worlds. You can have the timeless features that hint at a bygone era alongside the modern elements that define today’s bathrooms.
  • Comfort and convenience: Because transitional bathroom designs tend to emphasize luxury and accommodate older homeowners, they provide one of the most comfortable and convenient bathroom experiences.

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