Top Secrets For Adding A Dazzling Bathroom Sink

Top Secrets For Adding A Dazzling Bathroom Sink

When it comes to bathroom design, every component is an opportunity to make a statement and add value — especially your bathroom sink. With so many bathroom sinks on the market today, there are plenty of opportunities to select the traditional or modern bathroom sink that appeals to you. Whether you’re designing your dream bathroom or staging to sell, here are some top secrets to keep in mind when shopping sink options. Whether you go with a traditional bathroom sink in a vanity you already have or opt for something bolder, you can’t go wrong when you’re armed with basic design principles and know how they apply to your home. With that in mind, here are the secrets you’ll want to know.

    1. Start With What You Have
      Just like a double vanity probably won’t make sense in a powder room, so too certain sinks won’t fit in your bathroom. Before getting your heart set on a certain style or material, stop and evaluate your space. Here are some factors to consider:

      • How much space you have. If you’re going to be fitting your new sink into an existing vanity, you need to know how much space it can accommodate, as this will limit which sinks you can choose. If you’re swapping out the whole vanity entirely, on the other hand, you’ll want to think about what size sink/vanity will work best in your space. Smaller bathrooms tend to work best with pedestal sinks or wall-mounted vanities; and large bathrooms with multiple users benefit from double vanities with twin sinks.
      • Bathroom style. Unless you’re remodeling your entire bathroom, choose a sink that works with your current bathroom’s style. A modern bathroom sink might be slick and eye-catching, for example, but it would look out of place in a bathroom that’s traditional everywhere else.
      • Sink holes. Sinks need faucets, and faucets come in different hole numbers: one hole, two holes or three holes. If you already have a certain faucet in mind, you can pick a sink to match it. If you don’t, choosing a sink with three holes is your safest bet — as it works with the greatest number of faucet options.


    1. Know What Styles Are Available
      Unless you’re already committed to a specific sink style, it only makes sense to explore the possibilities. From pedestal sinks to wall-mounted sinks, here are some of the main sink types available:

      • Pedestal sinks: Supported by a single column, pedestal sinks take minimal floor space while still providing an attractive, functional bathroom sink. They also hint at vintage style and work beautifully among classic bathroom elements like subway tile and bronze fixtures.
      • Wall-mounted sinks: Another way to save floor space with your sink choice is with a wall-mounted sink. Rather than standing upright on the floor like a pedestal sink, this kind of sink mounts directly to the wall, completely freeing the floor beneath it.
      • Drop-in sinks: Drop-in sinks do just what their name suggests — they drop into a countertop or vanity top, with a rim that rests above the counter and a basin that hangs below. Their biggest benefit is being so easy to install.
      • Under-counter sinks: Under-counter sinks are like drop-in sinks, except they stay completely under the counter, with nothing resting above the vanity top.
      • Vessel sinks: Designed to rest above the bathroom counter, a vessel resembles a large bowl, and it gets placed above the counter with a faucet pointing into it. Available in various designs and materials, vessel sinks can make a bold, modern statement in a bathroom.


    1. Explore All the Different Sink Materials
      The sinks you see at your local home improvement store are not a full representation of everything that’s available. Today’s market includes bathroom sinks in glass, cast iron, porcelain over cast iron, vitreous china and even stainless steel. Take time to explore all of these possibilities so you can be sure you’re picking the right option for you.


    1. Look at Sinks in Person
      One of the best ways to explore both sink styles and materials is in person. Visit a local design showroom, like the ones Sanix Way has in Southern California, and get a better feel for what you do and don’t like about various sink designs.


  1. Consider Universal Design
    Last but not least, think about universal design when you’re shopping sinks. While you may not need a handicap-accessible bathroom day to day, will anyone in your family? Would making your bathroom more accessible be an asset when it comes time to sell? One small step you can easily take is to install the sink as close to the front of your countertop or vanity as possible.

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