Top 10 Bathroom Furniture Pieces

Top 10 Bathroom Furniture Pieces

When it comes to a beautiful, functional bathroom, there’s a lot more to the space than mere components like a vanity, a bathtub and a toilet. In fact, an increasing number of bathroom designs are strategically incorporating bathroom furniture, as well as appliances, to maximize comfort and convenience in daily routines. What kinds of bathroom furniture pieces are popular today? How might you use furniture like stools or cabinets to dress up and add style to your bath? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at 10 of the most popular and innovative bathroom furniture pieces being used today! Explore these possibilities to get inspired with ideas for your own bath.

Seating Spaces

Nothing says furniture like a comfortable seating option, and today’s bathrooms are making the most of that principle, both inside and outside the shower. From stools that can move around the room as needed to shower seats that add luxury to grooming routines, here are a few popular seating options in today’s bathroom industry:

  1. A metal stool. A short, minimal, metal stool can serve a range of purposes in the bathroom — a place to display trinkets, a booster for kids to reach the sink, a place to sit while you’re applying makeup or organizing a vanity drawer. Today’s bathroom products market includes all kinds of metal stools that are portable, lightweight and stylish in the bath.
  2. A shower seat. Enjoy a little extra luxury and convenience in daily showers when you add an attractive, modern shower seat to your bathroom. For the best benefits, look for an option with a water-resistant seat and durable construction. There are even models that can be mounted to the wall and folded up or down to accommodate use.
  3. A sleek and modern stool. For one more seating option, explore the possibilities of attractive, high-end bathroom stools. Featuring slim profiles and lightweight designs, these stools can have waterproof tops that make them usable in the shower as well as attractive designs that make them decorative benefits in the bathroom.

Storage Solutions

Whether you’re talking about excess towel storage or a place to keep bathroom toiletries, the more storage you have in the bathroom, the better. And thanks to innovative storage furniture available today, there are lots of ways to expand storage possibilities in the bath, from side tables to storage niches:

  1. An angular table. For the kind of extra storage space that can bring a few toiletries right next to you in the tub or nearby at the vanity, look for a simple, angular table that’s mobile and versatile. There are endless ways to use this piece of furniture, from holding lit candles while you bathe to keeping relevant products near you while you get dressed in the morning. Flexible and movable, a small side table can add wonderful convenience to the bathroom.
  2. A wall-mounted linen cabinet. Gone are the days when vanities and storage costs are the only options for bathroom storage. In today’s market, you can find linen cabinets that mount to the mall and provide shelving and storage for linens, toiletries and more. A bonus feature is a door mirror that provides you with extra visibility in your daily grooming routine.
  3. An extra storage niche. Whether you’re talking about a small side table or a free-standing niche, there are all kinds of storage options that can expand space in the bathroom today. In a bathroom where there’s enough space, add one of these furniture pieces to display towels, toiletries or whatever you like.
  4. Wall shelves. The same idea behind open kitchen shelving extends into the bathroom with wall shelves that showcase attractive bathroom products for added style. You might house matching containers filled with beauty supplies or small vases holding bathroom-friendly plants. Whatever the case, wall shelves give you a way to add more personality to your bathroom space.
  5. Rolling carts. Storage can always be within reach when you utilize something like a rolling cart in your bathroom space. Whether you use it to hold toiletries, towels, reading materials or bath products, a rolling cart makes storage portable and reachable wherever you are.

Other Accessories

Other bathroom furniture products have been designed primarily to address needs for comfort and flexibility in the bathroom. A headrest in the tub makes baths more enjoyable, and a room divider provides new ways to break up and use a room:

  1. A bathtub headrest. There’s no piece of furniture that so contributes to a spa-like feel in the tub like an adjustable bathtub headrest. Designed to affix to the bathtub with suction cups, a headrest allows for easy reclining in the tub. While supporting your neck and head, it lets you lean back and relax in a long and comfortable soak.
  2. Room dividers. Say you want to add a little privacy in a large bathroom, accommodating a dressing area or separating a less-attractive part of the room from the rest. Room dividers offer a smart solution, especially now that there are models with accessories like towel holders or mirrors available, already integrated in the designs.

Bottom line with bathroom furniture? Knowing what’s best for your bathroom is all about knowing what’s best for your needs. Think of how you do or could use your bathroom and look for furniture pieces that can better accommodate your uses. Would you like more storage space? Could you enjoy a place to sit while you get ready or a way to sit in the shower? In many cases, there are already furniture solutions available to address these desires. Visit our site.