Tips For Design When You’re Working With A Small Bathroom

Tips For Design When You’re Working With A Small Bathroom

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean your decorating plans should be treated like an afterthought. In fact, if you want to make the most of limited bathroom space, design may make all the difference. Through strategic decorating, you can maximize the appeal of your bathroom and turn it into a room that is both attractive and functional. What are the best tips for working with a small bathroom? How can you create a bathroom that, while small in size, is still big on beauty? If you’re looking for fresh inspiration for making your bathroom stand out, check out these ideas:

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1. Go bold with design choices.

A small bathroom is the perfect place for big style. Why? Consider this: A small area costs less money to update than a big one, so it’s a great place to test out a large tile or bold paint. Likewise, you spend less time in the bathroom than you do in your home’s main living areas, so you’re less likely to get bored with or tired of its style over time. To make the bathroom especially impactful, try covering the walls with wallpaper you love or painting it a bold color such as midnight blue. Instead of shrinking the mirror size in a smaller bath, opt for a larger, bolder style that bounces more light around the room.

2. Choose the vanity wisely.

If your small bathroom is just a half bath for guests, you may be able to get away with a pedestal sink that lacks storage space. If it’s a main bath, however, make sure you pick a vanity with room to store toiletries and linens. Even the cutest bathroom design will be frustrating if it doesn’t work for your needs. That’s why you need a vanity that can accommodate necessary items. One great option to consider is a floating vanity, which provides storage space, yet frees up floor space to create a larger feel in the room.

3. Consider a seamless glass shower.

If it’s a small full bathroom you’re working with, consider swapping out the shower/tub or space-hogging shower insert with a glass-enclosed shower instead. Glass shower doors can create a seamless look, visually expanding the sense of space in the bathroom.

4. Think practically about storage.

Places other than a vanity can hold everyday products and linens. To make your bathroom useful, try to also incorporate clever storage options through features such as a shower niche, wall shelves, attractive baskets, a vertical ladder, etc. If you’re unsure which storage features to include, start by thinking about how much you need to store, and then create storage space to suit it.

5. Cut all clutter.

A small bathroom can get cluttered quickly. When space is in short supply, it doesn’t take much to fill it. For this reason, you must be intentional about what you keep in a small bath. The items you keep out on the vanity, for example, should be chosen with care — pieces that are useful as well as beautiful. Ask yourself what’s actually necessary and what can go. Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit in your bathroom — extraneous towels, cosmetics, etc. By focusing on what’s most important in the bathroom, you can better organize and keep it looking clean.

6. Add little luxuries.

In a small bathroom, where each little addition is an important one, little luxuries make a big difference. Some great ideas for intentional luxuries include spa-quality hand soap, a tasteful plant or vase of greenery, plush towels hanging on hooks or racks, a towel warmer, and neatly organized toiletries in eye-catching storage containers. When it comes to a small bathroom, every perceived limitation is actually an opportunity — a chance for you to make a statement and create a bold look. So when you’re brainstorming ideas for the small bathroom in your home, start with the ideas listed above. When you incorporate strategic design choices into your bathroom, you can make it a more attractive place. More than that, you can make it a selling point if that’s your goal.

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Tips For Design When You’re Working With A Small Bathroom

Go bold with design choices. Choose the vanity wisely. Consider a seamless glass shower. Think practically about storage. Cut all clutter. Add little luxuries.