Tips For Creating A Pet-Friendly Bathroom

Tips For Creating A Pet-Friendly Bathroom

Let’s face it, for most pet owners, having a pet is a lot like adding another person to your family. Among other responsibilities of pet owners, your beloved dog or cat needs someone to feed it, walk it and clean it from time to time. That’s exactly why many families with pets find themselves thinking about better and more convenient ways to bathe their pets at home in their own bathrooms, as well as ways to make the bathroom safer for their pets. You love your animal, and you want to care for it properly, but bathing a pet can be a lot of work. Whether you’re talking about a small cat or a huge Dalmatian, how can you clean your pet well? Also, in terms of home design, what bathroom elements might make for a pet-friendly bathroom? To help answer these questions, here are a few ideas for ways to make your bathroom a little more pet-friendly:

1. An open-concept shower.

If you’re up for a little bathroom remodeling, here’s an idea that can both turn your bathroom into more of a luxury space and give you a better resource for bathing your pet in the process. An open-concept shower eliminates any sort of tub wall. This means you don’t have to climb over that wall to take your regular showers. Plus, you don’t have to lift your pet up and over that wall to get it bathed.

2. A curbless open-concept shower.

For even more appeal in the open-concept shower design, you may opt for the curbless model. This sort of shower not only lacks the traditional tub wall, but it also has no curb around the shower. You and your pet step right into the shower, the same way you’d step anywhere else — without any potential for tripping or struggling to get inside.

3. Non-slip shower floors.

To make it less likely for your pet — or you — to slip in the shower, add a non-slip surface with either a special coating or textured material. This protects against falls and injuries in the bathroom that can create anxiety for future cleaning for your pet.

4. A detachable showerhead.

Here’s an easy update you can make anytime. Replace your traditional showerhead with a detachable model that lets you move spraying water around your animal. This makes it easier to get all the parts of your pet, without having to move your pet in many directions in the tub.

5. Tile bathroom floors.

One of the best bathroom floor options for people with pets is a tile floor. Why? Simply put, tile is easy to clean, durable, waterproof and pet-friendly. When your dog steps out of the shower and shakes off in the bathroom, a tile floor makes it much easier to clean up the mess.

6. A closed toilet lid.

Aside from making the shower more amenable to pet cleaning, you can also improve your bathroom by minimizing dangers to your furry friends. Keep the toilet lid closed, especially if you have chemicals such as automatic bowl cleaners inside. This protects your pet from poisoning as well as potential drowning.

7. Locked cabinets.

Just as parents lock cabinets from small children, it’s a good idea to lock your vanity cabinets from your pets. Safety locks ensure your puppy doesn’t get into chemicals, cleaning products, beauty items or medicine unexpectedly and end up hurting itself or your home.

Pets add so much pleasure and joy to a family, especially when they’re properly cared for and loved. So, to improve the way you care for your furry friends, follow the seven tips above, and create a pet-friendly bathroom. To find the best in factory-direct prices on bathroom items, head to Modern Bathroom and shop our online catalog!