The Best Time Of Year For A Bathroom Remodel

The Best Time Of Year For A Bathroom Remodel

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? Ready to take on a renovation? If you’re debating about whether or not to move forward with a bathroom project, here’s something worth thinking about: the time of year. While spring and summer may seem like the most obvious choices for remodeling work, there are several advantages for opting out of the busy season. That’s because, believe it or not, when it comes to bathroom renovation, winter may be the smartest and most strategic time to take on the project.

Why is winter such a good choice? Here’s a look.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling in Winter

Sure, the temperatures drop and the days darken in winter — but that’s not to say remodeling work can’t get done. In fact, in the case of the bathroom, it may be smarter to plan a remodel for the slower season. Winter is calmer, slower and often more cost-efficient for remodeling projects. Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest perks that come from picking this season for your remodeling job:

  • Seasonal cost savings.
Remodelers tend to be less busy in winter than in other seasons. That’s good news for homeowners, thanks to the laws of supply and demand. When fewer people are enlisting a remodeling company’s help, you aren’t paying a higher premium for an in-demand contractor’s time. Along the same lines, many manufacturers discount prices on products in winter, due to the slower business of the season. If the project is cheaper in winter, it only makes sense to give this season a chance.
  • Easier scheduling opportunities.

Besides better costs, the other perk of planning a remodel in a slow season is convenience. When contractors aren’t as busy, you don’t have to fight to get scheduled or face long delays while workers handle other jobs. The colder months may free workers to take your project right when you need them to do it. Instead of having to squeeze yourself onto their schedule, you can often take your pick of timing that works for you.

  • More and better product selection.

Winter also brings fewer chances for appliances or other materials being out of stock. Because there’s less demand, you have a better chance of getting exactly the items you need for your remodeling job.

  • Winter work that’s done indoors.

The cold temperatures and harsh precipitation of winter make anyone prefer working inside. Contractors are typically happy to take on bathroom remodeling jobs or other interior work in a season when being outside would be miserable. Looking at the perks that come from remodeling in winter, it only makes sense to give this season priority in planning bathroom remodels. When you do, you’ll make the most of the cost-efficient, convenient time of year by planning your job strategically.

How to Make the Most of a Winter Bathroom Remodel

If you decide to take the plunge and book a remodeling project this winter, here are a few tips for making sure you maximize the return on your investment:

  • Go timeless.

Rather than picking products in step with the latest fads, go with timeless options. Stainless steel, for example, retains its value. Likewise, attractive, well-constructed bathroom cabinets are always an asset. Avoid niche, personalized, highly particular features such as bold colors, odd layouts or funky tiling. Think about how this remodel will look five, 10 or 20 years down the line. Opt for choices that will continue to be valuable.

  • Budget carefully.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to spend less than 10 percent of your home’s total value on a bathroom remodeling project. While gutting the entire room, moving the fixtures to opposite sides of the room, and picking the top-of-the-line features might be fun, it only makes sense if the costs fit in your budget.

  • Think about energy efficiency.

Today’s bathroom market includes a variety of bathroom products designed to maximize efficiency. Opt for energy-saving toilets, lighting and/or showers to make your bathroom a financially savvy investment for years to come.

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