Stunning Grey and white bathroom ideas

Stunning Grey and white bathroom ideas

White and grey is a combination matched in heaven, and this duo works stunningly in any bathroom interior. If you’re hoping to create your own grey and white bathroom scheme but you’re unsure where to start, we’re here to help. From choosing the perfect grey tiles to grey cabinets for storage space, there are many ways in which you can introduce these colours into your own interior.

We’ve compiled a list of the best grey and white bathroom designs to inspire you when it comes to designing your own. Whether you want to incorporate light grey metro tiles or paper a feature wall with a delicate grey print, this is a bathroom suite scheme worth considering!

The inspiration you will find below is designed to give you an idea of what you can create on any type of budget. The main aspects such as the toilet, shower, bath, flooring, and storage will of course cost the most. But even on a smaller budget, there are many ways you can pull off this combination of tones with style.

Top 4 grey and white bathroom ideas

Dreaming of creating a grey and white bathroom in your own home? This interior design is calming while being stylish, making it a great option for any bathroom design. The soft tones are guaranteed to bring about harmony when you’re using the space to begin or end your day. Here are our top grey bathroom ideas to help inspire your own.

1. Modern Grey And White Tiles

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In this stunning bathroom, the utilisation of slate grey floor tiles alongside clean white bathroom tiles creates a relaxing atmosphere. The glass walk-in shower ensures no obstruction and allows light to travel freely, giving the impression of a larger room. When it comes to grey bathroom ideas, the shade lends itself perfectly to contemporary design trends as seen with the fixtures and features here.

However, the grey and white bathroom decor has been broken up with the introduction of natural warming woods to finish the look. The bathroom vanity with its modern white basin complements the wall tiles extremely well, as does the framed mirror positioned above. When designing your own white bathroom, we recommend introducing natural tones to bring in a welcomed contrast.

2. Modern And Industrial Grey Bathroom

This bathroom design looks like it has been taken from the future with its modern walk-in shower and overall interior design. The grey tiles used on the walls give a polished and refined look with their slight glossy sheen which reflects the light in the room. As well as the walls, white tiles have been used across the floor to match with the toilet and bowl sink.

As far as a master bathroom interior goes, this modern bathroom design is super impressive due to its minimal decor. No clutter is in sight to enhance the relaxation that should be had when showering. After all, a tidy space usually helps keep the mind tidy at the same time. If you want to create your own white bathroom with grey accents consider using grey shower tiles and, for extra serenity, why not add a rainfall shower head too?

3. Simple And Modern Grey And White Bathroom

For anybody that is looking to create a simple bathroom design with a straight bath, there are still many ways you can utilise the grey and white colour scheme. As seen here, the designer has chosen a simple, modern vessel sink in this master bathroom and has introduced grey in the tiles. The tiles on the wall are a slightly different design to those on the floor and the inclusion of a white bathtub also ties in with the basin, keeping the area looking clean and shiny.

With the right fixtures and fittings in your bathroom, the rest comes down to tiling and decor. Think about using grey cabinets for storage or using tiles across a feature wall, as seen in this bathroom. The contrast of white and grey tiles works well to bring about a stylish juxtaposition in any bathroom.

4. Chic Bathroom With Freestanding Bath

From the stunning alcove shower to the free-standing rounded bathtub in this modern bathroom, every detail seems to enhance the room effortlessly. If you’re looking to create a similar style in your own bathroom remodel, consider using a grey wooden floor, as seen here. The bathroom is easy to maintain while bringing a soft touch of colour into the room which flows thanks to the shower bathroom tiles too.

The slightly different shades of grey in this bathroom add balance and harmony, to bring about a calming feel to this room’s atmosphere. Thanks to the inclusion of mirrors too, the illusion of light and reflections adds a further layer of interest to the bathroom. Think about using wooden accents and glossy white finishes in your own home to recreate this look.

What colour goes with a grey bathroom?

A range of colours go with grey tiles inclusive of white, black, blues, and natural tones too. A grey bathroom needn’t be drab and dull, in fact, with the right tiles and walls a grey bathroom is one of the most relaxing options for your home. This is why so many choose to use this scheme in their own bathrooms!


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What Colour goes with white and grey in a bathroom?

If you want to achieve a minimalist and modern look, black is the best accent color to be paired with the gray and white color scheme. Unlike other bold and vibrant colors, black will not add additional style to your bathroom. On the contrary, it will enhance the modern and contemporary look.

Does grey look good in a bathroom?

Gray is often considered a bland, boring shade for decorating. With the right approach, though, gray can work in a beautiful, elegant, or even quirky bathroom. After all, gray is the ultimate neutral color, the one shade that literally goes with everything.