Southwestern Bathrooms

Southwestern Bathrooms

As the name suggests, Southwestern-style bathrooms are often found in the Southwestern states such as New Mexico and Arizona, as well as some neighboring areas. That isn’t to say you can’t furnish your bathroom with similar aesthetics. Though before you start ordering furniture and decor for your new bathroom, let’s look at what truly makes a bathroom look Southwestern and explore some Southwestern bathroom ideas.

Characteristics of a Southwest-Style Bathroom

Hailing from the open desert and arid shrublands, Southwestern bathroom products and concepts draw on the surrounding nature of those regions to present itself. As much as it is geographical, an even larger influence on Southwestern bathroom designs is the historical aspect behind it. Prior to the influence of the Spanish, native Americans roamed the area, particularly the Navajos. Their heritage, combined with European culture, Mexican history and past-to-modern-day American inspirations are what makes Southwestern bathrooms special.

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Southwestern bathrooms offer an environment that can be bright and animated, but also cozy and comforting.

  • Color and decor go hand in hand here, with most notably terracotta tiles. They’re a staple in Southwest bathroom designs, and rightly so. Terracotta tiles stem from traditional Spanish influence and the materials present. Usually dusty-orange colored, though the hues within the terracotta can vary, it captures the desert and earthy vibes of the Southwest perfectly.
  • Terracotta shades are often paired with vibrant blues and Navajo turquoise to create a stunning contrast or combined cactus green and sunset yellow to further the sandy sensation. Any of these choices are great for a Southwestern bathroom.
  • Hand-woven rugs, pottery and leather goods can add to the historical yet inviting sensation of Native American culture.
  • In addition, you can add some metal and wood furnishings here and there, as they served simple and utilitarian, yet decorative purposes in American pioneering.
  • Animal prints are also quite welcome. Regardless of their backgrounds, all Southwestern cultures lived off the land and took inspiration from all parts of nature.
  • Similar to color schemes, furniture also takes on natural aspects. Pine is an excellent choice, especially knotty pine. This hardy tree grew more easily than other trees in the sparse land. With its distinctive visual features, it provides a bonus for rustic vibes in your Southwestern bathroom.

What Are the Advantages of Southwestern Bathroom Designs?

There are quite a few advantages to a Southwestern bathroom remodel. Here is a look at a few:

  • Terracotta tiles tend to remain cool while it’s hot, which is one reason why they’re so popular in the Southwest.
  • The practicality of terracotta doesn’t stop there. It can also be used as a blank slate for painting — a great way to spruce up your bathroom with a personal touch.
  • These bathrooms have warmth. Because of the oranges, yellows, beige and peach shades that are so common among them, they’re inviting and comfortable.

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What is southwestern bathroom?

This bathroom style features indigenous influences. Use colors that reflect the desert: which is practically all shades of brown.