Signs You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

Signs You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

Whether it’s in a master bathroom or a powder room, a bathroom vanity is an important part of any bathroom. It houses the sink, provides storage space, offers a place to set toiletries, and distinguishes the room’s overall style. Because of this, keeping bathroom vanities in good condition — and knowing when to replace them — is important. How do you know when it’s time to swap out your vanity for a new one and when it’s time to stick with what you’ve got? Should you do it yourself or hire professionals? What style makes sense and why? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at what you need to know about replacing vanities, whether they’re modern vanities, classic vanities or something in between.

Reasons to Replace a Bathroom Vanity

If you are wrestling between a decision to keep a vanity or to replace it, here are several reasons to opt for the latter. If any of these situations look familiar, it’s time to upgrade:

  • Planning to sell soon. If you’re planning to put your house on the market sometime soon, you want your home, from the curb to the bathrooms, to be showplace-ready. For this reason, you’ll want the bathrooms to have vanities that fit with your home’s overall style, match modern sensibilities and are in good condition.
  • Need more space. Another reason for replacing a bathroom vanity is that it doesn’t match your needs. Maybe your growing family is sharing one bath, and the vanity doesn’t offer counter space for everyone’s belongings. Perhaps you need more storage space for keeping toiletries and towels. Whatever the case, if more space is needed, upgrading the vanity might make sense.
  • Mold. It’s surprisingly easy for vanity fixtures to leak and cause damage to the cabinets below; over time, this can lead to mold and major damage to the vanity. In these cases, it’s often easier to replace the vanity than face frustrating health concerns.
  • The vanity is outdated. Maybe you inherited your current vanity when your home was purchased, but never liked its style. Perhaps the vanity is in fine condition but it’s just outdated. Whatever the case, it might make sense to replace it.

When to DIY a Vanity Upgrade

You can hire a contractor to install your new vanity, or try to do it yourself. If you have basic handyman skills and/or the willingness to learn, you may be able to try a new project and save some cash in the process. But don’t attempt a DIY project like relocating the vanity (and its accompanying plumbing) from one end of the bathroom to another unless you’re sure of what you’re doing.

New Styles for Bathroom Vanities

The world of home design includes a wide range of bathroom vanity options, from the classic styles with doors beneath the sink to more modern looks. Here are a few worth thinking about:

  • Open vanities: Creating an open feel that showcases everything in your storage space, open vanities are like open shelving in the kitchen. They draw attention to what’s on your shelving, whether that’s baskets, neatly folded towels or decorative items in glass jars.
  • Repurposed furniture: Turning antique dressers or other pieces into bathroom vanities is a fun, creative take on the traditional vanity look.
  • Custom vanities: Believe it or not, custom vanities aren’t always more costly than traditional models. What’s more, they make it possible to craft exactly the look and style you desire.

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