Shabby Chic Bathrooms

Shabby Chic Bathrooms

Nothing says lived-in luxury like the shabby chic style bathroom. Known for weathered, well-loved pieces, shabby chic is all about being comfortable and informal. It’s a blend of elegance and coziness that works perfectly in the bathroom, where people routinely retreat from the daily doldrums and stresses of life. The relaxation and stylish grace are just part of why shabby chic bathroom designs are so popular today.

Characteristics of a Shabby Chic Bathroom

Compared to more traditional decorating, shabby chic tends to focus on rustic or upcycled furniture. Expect to see repurposed antique cabinets or distressed vanities. Soft, romantic elements such as pastel colors and flowery linens are also common.

While this style can be flexible and accommodating, it is not unintentional. From the baby blues of in a New England cottage to the aged paint in a Florida beach house, certain key components are at work to make shabby chic a coherent aesthetic.


If you’re thinking about a shabby chic bathroom remodel or looking for shabby chic bathroom ideas, here are some style choices worth incorporating:

  • Distressed furniture: Farmhouse vanities, vintage mirrors, sliding barn doors and pieces with a Victorian or rustic vibe work well in a shabby chic bathroom.
  • Ornate antiques: While shabby chic can sometimes be synonymous with weathered and worn, that’s not to say elegance and intricacy aren’t appropriate. Part of what differentiates shabby chic from other styles is the mix of distressed furniture from various time periods. If you have a favorite fixture or piece that could elevate your bathroom’s look, feel free to use it in a shabby chic design.
  • French fixtures: Furniture with a French-inspired feel are at home in any shabby chic bathroom. Look for pieces with an antique or lived-in quality for the best results.
  • Light and pastel colors: From pinks to blues to neutrals, pale and pastel shades are ever popular. Bright colors can also work, but you’ll want to avoid mixing more than two vivid shades in a small shabby chic space.
  • White, white, white: Because of its light, breezy feel, white is a must in most shabby chic designs. Combining different shades of white could be a great way to add interest and depth to your look while maintaining the romantic, inviting atmosphere.
  • Romantic shower curtains and linens: From lace to floral prints, shabby chic shower curtains hint at delicacy, softness and romance. Whites, creams and soft floral prints do especially well for hand towels or window dressings.

As you design the shabby chic bathroom of your dreams, come explore Modern Bathroom’s vast selection of the latest fixtures, furniture and decor. Shop our site to find exactly what you need by way of shabby chic bathroom products, and create a decorating scheme you are sure to love.

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What is shabby chic bathroom?

Soft lines and relaxing atmospheres are the key features of shabby chic bathrooms. Compared to a clearly contemporary, minimal bathroom, one with a shabby chic inspired interior looks to soft lines and sinuous details to recreate cosy, relaxing atmospheres.