Rustic Bathrooms

Rustic Bathrooms

Rustic design continues to be on trend, even in the bathroom. What defines this decorating vibe? Essentially, if you took a rugged lumberjack, mixed him with a country farmhouse, and turned the combination into a restroom style, you’d have a good idea of what to expect.

The rustic-style bathroom builds on a foundation of natural materials, such as wood and stone. The color scheme tends to feature earth tones and/or soothing neutrals. Other hallmarks include hefty fabrics, lots of natural light and an overall comfortable feel that invites you to kick back and relax.

Examples of Rustic Bathrooms

Rustic bathroom designs include elements such as wood beadboard, shiplap walls, exposed brick, farmhouse vanities, barn doors and vintage furniture or fixtures. Rustic bathroom products can run the gamut from clawfoot tubs to industrial-inspired wall sconces. Some rustic lavatories may also showcase live-edge surfaces and sinks, or counters with irregular forms. You can embrace this look by replacing a shower curtain and hanging décor, or you can go all-out with a rustic renovation. What unifies all the possibilities in this category is an emphasis on nature’s textures and materials.


Rustic vs. Other Bathroom Design Options

Today’s homeowners have many choices for beautiful bathroom design — so why go rustic? Not only is this look highly on trend, but it’s also welcoming and comfortable. Anyone who wants to create the kind of restroom that’s durable and calming can appreciate this blend of rough materials with tailored touches. While some other styles require all modern products, the rustic look can work with repurposed pieces. Also, many rustic elements are naturally able to withstand regular wear and tear, leading to a less fussy, more usable vibe in the bathroom.

Benefits of This Bathroom Style

Whether you’re outfitting a cabin in the woods or a home in the suburbs, incorporating rustic bathroom ideas could be the perfect fit. It’s hard to beat the relaxing, natural atmosphere that a rustic bathroom remodel offers. Pulling elements straight from nature and incorporating them into a room is a great way to increase tranquility. Likewise, the rustic look is a trend with staying power. While it’s popular now, it’s also built on lasting elements that will likely stand the test of time. The method offers enough versatility to accommodate many personalities and tastes: go more modern farmhouse or edgy industrial as you prefer!

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How can I make my bathroom look rustic?

Create a rustic bathroom idea with textured paint. ... Mismatch textures for rustic decor. ... Add natural wood panels to your walls. ... Invest in farmhouse storage solutions. ... Consider a color scheme inspired by nature. ... Choose a window treatment made from natural materials. ... Add interest to your space with rustic bathroom lighting.