Replacing & Installing A New Toilet Seat

Replacing & Installing A New Toilet Seat

Perhaps the old restroom seat has cracked, or it looks worn and grimy. maybe you ’d like to upgrade to commodity in a different color or style. Whatever the case may be, there’s no need to call a plumber just yet. Replacing a restroom seat is a simple design that you can negotiate with some introductory tools. Read below for step- by- step instructions on how to install a restroom seat.

Tools You Will Need

There are not numerous corridors demanded for a new restroom seat — just the seat itself and some tools you probably have in the garage. You ’ll need the following gear for this design:

  • Tape recording measure
  • Crescent wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • oil painting or lubricant
  • Hacksaw (voluntary)

These tools should be enough for any restroom seat relief job, indeed if the original proves delicate to remove.

How to Fit a Toilet Seat

The first step is to buy a restroom seat that will fit — ahead you remove the old one. utmost ultramodern commodes come in standard sizes, so you should be suitable to find a relief seat at a original tackle store. To make sure, use a tape-recording measure to gauge the length and range of the current seat, also buy one with the same confines.

New Toilet Seat

Remove the Old Toilet Seat

This can be the most delicate part of the process, but indeed if challenges arise, it’s still an easy job to do yourself. Start by popping off any caps covering the bolts that attach the seat to the coliseum. From there, use the crescent wrench and/ or screwdriver to loosen the bolts until you can remove the seat fully.

Depending on the age of the seat and condition of the bolts, the bolts may be hard to remove. In this case, wash a little lubricant, stay many twinkles for it to access the vestments, and also try to loosen them again.

Still, use the hacksaw, If that does n’t work. Starting at the top of the restroom coliseum, slide the hacksaw between the demitasse and the underpart of the seat until the blade touches the bolts. also, saw precisely until you ’ve cut through the bolts. Clean up any essence or plastic slices, and you ’ll be ready to install the new seat.

Replacing a Toilet Seat

Once the old seat has been removed, installing the new bone is easy! In utmost cases, the manufacturer will give instructions, but if they do not, the process is analogous for all standard seats.

Simply lay the new seat on the restroom so that the bolts go through the holes at the reverse of the coliseum. also thread the nuts onto the bolts, using your fritters until your cannot strain them further. Once the nuts are cutlet-tight, use the crescent wrench or screwdriver to completely secure the restroom seat. Caution Take care not toover-tighten since this can strip the vestments or crack the nuts. Stop as soon as the restroom seat is fixed in place and there’s no gratuitous side- to- side movement.

There you have it! This is a straightforward job that can generally be done in lower than an hour, whether you ’re replacing the seat of an aged restroom or a new bone. Speaking of new toilets, if this is an upgrade that you ’re considering, take a look at Modern Bathroom’s selection. There, you ’ll find a variety of options to suit your requirements.

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