Remodeling Your Bathroom With Resale In Mind

Remodeling Your Bathroom With Resale In Mind

In terms of creating resale value, updated bathrooms rank just below a new kitchen. Potential buyers want to see new bathroom sinks, clever bathroom storage, attractive bathroom vanities, new showers and bathtubs, etc. That’s why, if you’re planning to sell soon and want to maximize your asking price, a bathroom remodel makes sense.

When you want to remodel for selling power, what are the most important upgrades to make? What should you keep in mind and how much should you spend? How can you cut costs for the best payback? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at tips to keep in mind when you want to remodel your bathroom for resale.

Your Bathroom Budget

How much you can expect to spend on a bathroom remodel depends on a variety of factors. Are you gutting the entire space and rebuilding? Are you just trying to add value to an already decent bathroom space? Look at your budget and decide what makes sense for you, whether that means replacing the toilet, the vanity and the shower door, or reworking everything from the ground up.

Why Visuals Matter

As cool as invisible features like heated floors can be in the bathroom, keep in mind that buyers shop with their eyes first. When they look at listing photos or walk through your home, their first impressions will be based on what they see. If you’re trying to decide between brightening the bathroom or adding a new flushing mechanism to the toilet, go for the visuals. Focus on bathroom features like tile colors, wall colors, quality of fixtures and other components that will be easy to notice.

Where Personal Preference Comes into Play

When you take on a home remodeling project, it’s tempting to cater everything to your tastes. When you’re remodeling for resale, however, you aren’t remodeling for yourself. That’s why you need to think like a buyer. Rather than opting for the unique purple tile or that custom-made, quirky vanity, opt for mainstream design choices that will be likely to appeal to a great number of potential buyers. You can still pick items you like, but make sure you temper your opinions with popular design at the time. When in doubt, consult outside sources (like the experts at Modern Bathroom) for advice.

Popular Color Choices

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors, which create not only a clean, but also timeless look and appeal. They are easy to personalize with accessories and go with many styles. Look for whites, light grays and beige choices for designing your new bathroom.

The Value of Storage Space

Because of all that gets done in the bathroom, storage space is at a premium. Buyers want to see that there’s room for toiletries, bathroom appliances, extra toilet paper, etc. If you can add a little convenient storage to the bathroom, it’s a good upgrade to make.

When Less Is More

Even a small bathroom can look bigger with the right design choices. Neutral colors, minimal features and fixtures in proportion to the space can go a long way toward making the most of your bathroom. Always think through the space you’re working with as you make remodeling decisions.

Keep or Replace the Bathtub/Shower

A new bathtub or shower is a great feature, but before you spring for a replacement, determine if a repair job might be a better choice. Instead of totally replacing the bathtub, for example, could you have it refinished? Instead of putting in expensive tile in the bathroom, could you opt for a prefabricated model? Likewise, think twice before removing the home’s only bathtub to replace with a shower. While showers are great, they’re not as pet-friendly or family-friendly as a tub, so you may unintentionally turn some prospects away.

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