More Fun Bathroom Ideas For Kids

More Fun Bathroom Ideas For Kids

Kids add so much joy to life — more playing, silliness, simplicity and fun. When you’re designing a bathroom for your little ones, why not make it a room that suits these qualities?

When your children’s bathroom embraces their interests, it becomes a space they like and enjoy. It’s that much easier to tackle potty breaks, baths, toothbrushing and the other bathroom necessities of daily life.

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How can you make your bathroom more fun for your kids? What does kid-friendly bathroom design look like? To give you some inspiration, here are a few creative tips for making the bathroom a space your kids enjoy.

1. Start with a neutral backdrop. While your son or daughter may currently love pink, blue, yellow, green or purple, those tastes are likely to change over time. That’s why it may be best to paint the bathroom a neutral color, and only accessorize with the hues your child loves. When the color of choice switches from pink to purple or blue to green, you’ll only need to swap towels and curtains — not overhaul the whole room.

2. Consider repeating one color in many shades. For a bathroom theme that fits your child, you could embrace the idea of his or her favorite color by working it throughout the room in towels, bath mats, wall art and the shower curtain. Say your daughter’s favorite color is blue, for example: incorporate light blue, royal blue, indigo, aquamarine and other shades all together to make the space a stunner. The theme color creates a unifying element, but the many shades add interest and fun.

3. Pick another fun theme. To give a bathroom even more flair than a specific color scheme, consider incorporating a character or animal your child loves. For the youngster who loves the ocean, you could do an underwater theme with fish wall decals and a similar shower curtain. For the kid who loves a certain princess or Disney character, you could work that beloved character into your design.

4. Give each child a set of themed towels. Eliminate bathroom squabbles over whose washcloth is whose by giving each child a set of towels specific to him or her. Whether you monogram towels to each child or give every kid a specific color that’s always his or hers, you can simplify routines with a streamlined towel system.

5. Add colorful toddler stools. For small children who have a hard time reaching the sink or cabinets, stepping stools can make a big difference in the bathroom. Pick one or two in colors that coordinate with your bathroom design, and teach your children how to move and use them to get what they need.

When it comes to kids and the bathroom, there are so many ways to have fun. Use the five ideas above to brainstorm how you’ll make your space kid-friendly, and get started making the room a space you’ll all love!

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