Modern Bathroom Design For Your Bathroom Remodel

Modern Bathroom Design For Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting process — the perfect opportunity to turn the place where you prepare for your day into a place that reflects you and your style. You get to pick your favorite features, design a space to suit your needs and enjoy the process of making your dreams come to life. Plus, you can add value to your home in the process.

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, modern design is a great way to go. Features such as sleek lines and minimalistic schemes can truly transform a bathroom into a showstopper that both you and future potential buyers will love! The best part is, there are so many ways to breathe modern style into a bathroom. To help you think through possibilities for a modern refresh, here are some inspiring design ideas:

  1. White on white.

    It’s bright, it’s clean, it’s timeless and it goes with everything: white on white is a classic look that can be both modern and traditional. Give this simple style modern flair when you opt for minimal vanities, striking tile and lots of shiny, glossy accents in mirrors, chrome hardware and glass features. The key to a modern white-on-white bathroom that’s stylish instead of stark is using lots of texture, chosen strategically. Avoid mixing too many tones of white, and instead opt for different materials that can complement one another.

  2. Simple and minimal.

    Even if you aren’t ready to go all white, you can go modern by just making your room design minimal and simple. The bottom line here is to remember that less is more. Instead of filling every nook and cranny with stuff, be choosy about what goes into your bathroom space, including only the most essential items. Allow for empty space around features such as the vanity or the toilet, creating a more open feel. Use built-in shelving or a single cabinet to house your needed toiletries.

  3. Warm naturals.

    Natural materials are always in style, which is part of their undeniable appeal. So to create a modern style built on warm materials, look for natural materials such as wood vanities in warm stains, stone floors, linen fabrics, wicker baskets, etc. Add fresh greenery through a few plants that bring the outdoors inside your space. By emphasizing natural elements, you can build a bathroom with real staying power.

  4. Rich and dark.

    Another way to go modern in the bathroom is with rich, dark wood. From your vanity to open shelves to wall trim, there are lots of ways to work in hardwoods in the bath. Pick a deep, rich color and pair it with bright, light-catching other features such as porcelain tile or marble countertops. By putting these materials together in intentional contrast, you can create a jaw-dropping, modern appeal.

  5. A bold accent color.

    If you think modern means black, white and neutrals, think again. Another great way to create contemporary style in the bathroom is through color. Endow your bathroom with a taste of your own personality by picking a bold accent color — think your favorite blue or a deep green — and using it intentionally in your space. You can make this decorating scheme feel cohesive by carrying the accent color throughout the room in clever ways — maybe the wall color is also a tiny feature in the tile, or the bold tile color matches decorative elements such as towels or curtains.

There’s no denying that a quality bathroom remodel is a great investment. When you swap outdated fixtures for more modern elements, you breathe new life into your space. This makes it more enjoyable for you, as well as more desirable to buyers when the time comes to sell. So when you’re looking for the best way to ensure a good return on your investment, take time to think through your options for a modern bathroom. The five ideas above are a great place to start. Whether you go white on white or fixed on natural elements, you can create an updated, high-value remodel you’ll love by sticking to appealing, modern elements that are popular today.