Jaw-Dropping Bathroom Floor Tiles Design Ideas

Jaw-Dropping Bathroom Floor Tiles Design Ideas

If you’re still married to the idea of an all-white, all-marble mainstream bathroom design, you have some serious re-thinking to do. With all that’s changed in the world of interior designs, heart-winning bathroom styles have got to be one of our most beloved favourites. You probably don’t realise this, but your bathroom happens to be one of the most visited places in your abode especially if you have guests over often. Bonny bathroom tiles are a fun and easy way to amp up your bathroom game and make a statement that sticks. All it takes to turn that ground to glam are some trendy tile designs that resonate with your personal style and of course, the rest of your home’s interior design.

Bold colours, powerful patterns and dramatic textures don’t end at your living room. Your powder room serves as a relaxation spot after lousy days and the least you can do is have it designed to visually please, if not anything else. Here’s a list of groovy bathroom tile designs that are going to make you want to re-style those age-old tiles.

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Make A Statement with these bathroom floor tiles

Even all-white surfaces in basic bathrooms deserve to have a showstopper that gives an otherwise boring bathroom some depth. If you’re considering a minute-makeover, you can have a single wall or a strip of the floor replaced with tiles that are rich in colour and have pretty patterns to give your bathroom instant enlivening like this magnificent masterpiece.

The Hexagon Flex

Hexagonal tiles do much to titivate a bathroom space. It’s uncanny how you can use these honeycomb-shaped hollow-fillers to set the mood to literally anything. While they can create quite a warm ambience on one side, these bathroom tile designs also turn up the glam quotient when paired with the perfect chandelier.

The Half And Half Mix

A fantastic way to mix things up a little is by combining two materials. If you like the sort of warmth and charm that wooden surfaces bring to a room, you sure as hell will fall for this half hardwood, half patterned bathroom tile design that makes a bathroom look like an artist’s paradise. One way to incorporate the half and half is to use to completely different floor materials for the shower space and powder room to make an open and shut separation between the two.

Using part marble tiles and part wood for your bathroom design is another smart way to protect portions of the floor that can’t afford to be delicate. Who doesn’t fancy floors that provide the best of both worlds, right? – fun and functional.

Gorgeous Grey Bathroom Floor Tile Designs

The kind of grace grey can add to one’s bathroom is honestly unmatched. It’s vintage, it’s subtle and quite frankly – one of the easiest colours to embellish with the right bathroom décor.

No Gloss? Your Loss

If you want to be extra, we suggest you ditch the everyday matte tiles and go for polished ones instead. Its add luxe element to your bathroom floor with the least bit effort. What’s a powder room without a glamorous floor anyway?

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What is the current trend for bathroom floors?

The biggest trend in tile flooring, including bathroom is tile that looks like hardwood. These wood looking planks come in a variety of styles and colors. With the upgraded inkjet technology, these look super realistic. You can find this gray wood look plank here and the chevron for the wall here).