Ideas For Remodeling A Half Bath

Ideas For Remodeling A Half Bath

Are you ready to breathe new life into your powder room? Wondering how you can upgrade your half bath to make the most of its small space? Whether you’re renovating for resale value or just to find more enjoyment in your home, upgrading a half bath involves a variety of decisions. From thinking about style to shopping for bathroom sinks, here are some key tips to keep in mind on your project.

Styles That Work Best in a Half Bath

It’s hard to go wrong with a neutral color palette, whether it’s in the half bath or elsewhere in your home. Nonetheless, if you’ve wanted to experiment with a bold color, the small half bath could be a great place to do it. Just be careful not to overdo the experiment — keep accessories and decorative accents to a minimum to avoid a cluttered feel. Other design elements that work well in a small bath include pedestal sinks to free floor space, open shelving to improve storage, pocket doors and/or mirrored walls to trick the eye into seeing the space as larger than it is.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

If you’re fairly handy and comfortable with basic remodeling projects, doing upgrades yourself can be a great way to cut costs. At the same time, if you are new to remodeling and/or unsure of what you’re doing, you could unintentionally hike costs by creating problems a professional has to repair. Think through the upgrades you want to make and figure out what you can or can’t handle. Maybe putting in new bathroom faucets is doable, while upgrading to vessel sinks requires a professional — the choice is yours.

Your Bathroom Budget

Before you buy new sinks or tile, stop to pinpoint your project’s budget. Even when it’s a small half bath, costs can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars for a feature or two to thousands of dollars spent gutting the bath. What will you change? What can you afford? Determine this before moving forward.

Making a Small Room Feel Bigger

For many homeowners, a top priority in a half bath remodel is finding ways to make the small room feel bigger. If this sounds like you, try picking sinks in proportion to the room rather than oversized sinks that take too much space. Likewise, when maximizing size is a priority, skip the bold color choices and opt instead for neutrals, with a few pops of color here and there. Minimize knick-knacks and keep the room clutter-free. Choose smaller sinks, toilets, etc., in order to keep space available. Think strategically about spacing in the half bath to make it feel bigger than it is.


New Styles and Trends for Half Baths

If your layout and budget allow, here are some cool ideas that are currently popular in upgraded half baths: skylights, eye-catching floor tile, statement sinks, wainscoting or floating sinks. Explore these possibilities to see what might work for your room!

Mistakes to Avoid

Making the most of a remodeling project means knowing what mistakes to avoid. To give your project the best results, avoid these blunders: trying to DIY something you don’t know how to do, buying fixtures that are too large for the space, replacing items you could repair, or fix for lower costs or overfilling the room with decorative debris.

Cost-Cutting Tips

Remodeling projects can get expensive, but with a little creativity, you can cut costs. Instead of buying the first sinks you see, for example, shop around. Look for a supplier like Sanix Way that offers everyday low rates. Consider slightly imperfect countertop slabs that are offered at discounted prices. Instead of replacing everything in the existing powder room, see what you can repurpose or rework to cut costs.