Farmhouse Bathrooms

Farmhouse Bathrooms

Looking for farmhouse bathroom ideas? This type of design is timeless. Unlike modern or contemporary decor, a farmhouse-style bathroom will have an old-fashioned look — but by no means will it be old fashioned in function! For this type of remodel, you’ll want to choose materials, textures and finishes carefully, but feel free to keep the bathroom modern by selecting fixtures that offer function.

If you’re planning a farmhouse bathroom remodel, then here are some of the details you’ll need to know to achieve the look.

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Elements of Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Since a farmhouse bathroom focuses on creating an often rustic and retro look, choose materials and fixtures with a nod toward classic styles. This includes walls, floors, your vanity, storage options, fixtures and more.

  • Introduce classic textures through finishes and rustic patinas. Shiplap walls, for example, are a great way to give the room an old-fashioned look. For cabinets and mirror frames, wood finishes are another step to get the look. If you want truly rustic, then use distressed wood finishes.
  • Add vintage flair with carefully chosen fixtures. Consider vintage wall sconces. You can also add to the look by choosing faucets, towel racks and other details in classic styles.
  • When assessing farmhouse bathroom products, think about materials. For example, one way to make the room feel classic and cozy is to introduce cast iron to it. Faucets that mimic cast iron (or another vintage material) will help create a cohesive aesthetic, as will smaller elements such as doorknobs and drawer pulls.
  • Complete the room with carefully chosen antiques. These could be any number of items — an old desk converted to a vanity, antique signs to decorate the walls, or even antique shelving.

Advantages of Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

Aside from the look, what are the advantages to farmhouse bathroom designs? If you choose the right products and accessories, then there are many, which you can learn more about below:

  • These bathrooms are all about comfort. More contemporary bathrooms can feel breezy or energetic, but a farmhouse bathroom offers a place to relax among charm — perfect for spa days!
  • This type of style lets you get creative with unique storage solutions. Think rustic baskets, distressed ladder shelving, and mason jars or other vintage canisters to store various small items.
  • Farmhouse bathrooms can look cleaner because you won’t find lots of busy patterns on the walls. More current bathrooms often feature sleek, shiny finishes on the vanity and throughout the rest of the room. Those high-gloss surfaces show fingerprints and smudges much more readily than matte and rustic finishes.

One of the best parts of these bathrooms is that they serve as a place to repurpose those old items you might have in the attic or those one-of-a-kind flea market finds you’ve just been waiting to display.

Ready to start your farmhouse bathroom remodel? Be sure to explore Modern Bathroom’s wide range of fixtures and accessories. You’ll find everything you need to create modern functionality with that coveted old-fashioned look.

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What makes a bathroom farmhouse?

Farmhouse bathrooms have a warmth that some bathing sanctuaries don't share. Typically, they will feature wood across floors, walls or ceiling, as well as cabinetry. Farmhouse decor ideas will incorporate other natural materials, too, such as stone, slate and marble.