Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas For Your Home

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas For Your Home

Cleaning and maintaining a bathroom can be a task. Designing a bathroom with smart storage options is key to enjoying a very private space. Organising bathroom essentials can be a fun pr0ject. Our creative bathroom storage ideas are going to make this mundane task of organising your bathroom an exciting one!

Open Bathroom Storage Shelving Racks

Why drill storage shelves on the wall when you can use independent etagere? An open rack (the taller the better) can be placed against a wall in your bathroom as a storage option where everything is at easy reach.

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Stack Up Stuff On A Stool

You don’t have to conform to usual norms when it comes to getting creative. Mixing and matching is a great way to get creative with your bathroom interiors. A bar or basic kitchen can be used inside your bathroom as a platform to place a few essentials.

Shower Cubicle

Design your bathroom with a separate shower cubicle. Diving your bathroom into different zones can work wonders both in terms of organisation and aesthetics. Shower cubicles will make your bathroom look modern too.

Concrete Shower Wall With Recessed Storage

Recessed storage seamlessly blends into the overall design of your bathroom interiors. You can design them with decorative tiles or use the same material that has been used on flooring for a unified look. These recessed shelves can be used to storage bathing essentials or cute decor items.

Beautify Your Bathroom With Baskets

Wicker baskets look beautiful and are sturdy enough to store everything you need to use frequently. Nothing works as well as pretty baskets when it comes to segregating your bathroom essentials.

Old Furniture

If you have a large bathroom here is your chance to give it that old-world charm. Old furniture – cabinets, side-tables, or shelves – can be repurposed in your bathroom. For instance, a solid wooden cabinet can be used as a storage option.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom storage cabinets are the answer to a clutter-free space. Build them below the sink or on the wall – the best part is they can be customised to your needs. The best way to design them is above ground level so you have free floor space.

Ladders Simplify Bathroom Storage

Ladders as bathroom storage are urban and chic. Place a simple wooden ladder against one wall and hang your towels on it. Else opt for a proper step ladder where you can store small bathroom essentials.

Use the Space Below Your Bathroom Sink

If you want a compact bathroom the area below the sink is your best bet. The space, often left unutilised, can be used to build shelves, cabinets or drawers to stack away things you wouldn’t want visible every day!

Racks and Shelves in your Bathroom

A standalone rack or a shelving unit works well in bathrooms with ample space against the walls. Display your essentials with pride with this open storage option. Colourful towels, personal care essentials or even decor items like scented candles or indoor plants – show it all off!

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What can I use for storage in bathroom?

Cabinets in a small bathroom can take up a whole lot of space. Create storage by using hanging baskets and rails on the wall, then make use of accessory containers to organize all the small stuff.