Create An Inspiring Bathroom Using Colors

Create An Inspiring Bathroom Using Colors

Your bathroom should be a place where you can unwind. Many people achieve this by remodeling and creating a design that maximizes the space in their bathroom; however, you can use color to create an inspiring bathroom. Below, you will find unique color schemes for your bathroom that both motivate you to conquer the world before work and help you relax at night.

Stripes Make a Bold Statement

Many people stick to a few solid colors when they paint their bathroom — but why not go bold? Striped bathrooms make a statement. If nothing else, these bathrooms say you aren’t afraid to experiment.

If you are looking for a creative way to make your bathroom more invigorating, try red stripes or blue stripes. Once you have your stripes in place, juxtapose the look with other patterns to get an elegant design.

Keep Calm and Evoke the Sage Within

Sage is quietly making bold statements in home design across the nation. The perfect mix of greens and blues, it’s calming, yet it makes a strong appeal visually. Most importantly, you can create a bathroom design scheme with accents of sage, or you can make everything sage. One famous designer created a bathroom oasis using the color sage as the primary color for everything, even her tub. It worked. It can work for you, too, if you combine the right elements. Use oversized mirrors, wall paintings and other accessories to complete your look. Even better, using one color (generally a light color or a neutral) will make your bathroom appear larger.

Mix and Match Tile Colors

Mixing and matching tile colors isn’t new. However, you can take the idea of mixing and matching to new heights with these handy designer tips:

  • Use a flat, solid tile with a textured, stone tile
  • Mix and match a pattern with two different solid-colored tiles

The list of options for mixing and matching tiles is limitless. Let Mother Nature and clothing inspire your choice in patterns to get a fresh, one-of-a-kind bathroom.

Horizontal Stripes Are a Winner, Too

Another way to enhance your bathroom? Go daring with horizontal stripes. Vertical lines are usually more utilized when it comes to stripes. Additionally, horizontal lines help maximize your space. If you find that your bathroom could be a little wider, but don’t have the time to invest in upgrading your space, try horizontal stripes.

You can achieve this look by painting alternating shades of one color on your walls. Or, you can create horizontal lines by alternating between your favorite solid color and white. Getting a straight line each time is simple when you preplan your wall.

Create Accent Walls

If you are a little concerned with color, it’s natural. The color of your wall can seem permanent to some, and the thought of getting it wrong can be terrifying.

Fortunately, there is a way to inject color into your bathroom without risking it all — accent walls.

An accent wall is when one or two walls in your bathroom are a different color than the rest of your bathroom. Generally, this wall’s color is “louder” than the other walls. For instance, in a cream bathroom, some people choose a red or dark blue wall. Additionally, the wall should be structurally unique; serving as a focal point.

Ultimately, you should have fun with your bathroom and make it a place that inspires you! A creative color scheme can give you a look and feel you want in a weekend.