Health Benefits Of A Bidet And Installation Tips

Health Benefits Of A Bidet And Installation Tips

While most Americans in the world still view toilet paper as the only way to clean up themselves after using the commode, evidence suggests that a toilet bidet is a healthier and more hygienic option to use. As the benefits of using a toilet bidet become more widely known, this fixture is becoming an increasingly popular choice in today’s modern bathrooms and toilets. If this concept is new to you and you aren’t already familiar with bathroom bidets and their health benefits, here’s a look at what they are, why they’re beneficial and how to install one at home.

What is a bidet? There are two types of toilet bidets: a bathroom plumbing fixture similar to a toilet or a sprayer device (known as portable or travel bidet) or a seat that attaches to the existing toilet. Bidets are used by men and women for personal hygiene reasons, especially after using the toilet or engaging in sexual relations.

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Bidet Units Versus Attachments

The key differences between a bidet unit and a bidet attachment are their placement in the bathroom, their cost and their ease of use. A traditional bidet is installed in the bathroom or toilet, requiring about as much space as a toilet. In contrast, a bidet attachment is connected to the existing toilet, taking up much less room. In terms of cost, stand-alone bidets are more expensive than attachments and require additional plumbing. They also can be easier to use and include more features than the attachments provide. If you’re building a new home, adding a bidet to the bathroom is pretty manageable. If you are looking to add one to an existing home, an attachment requires far less work and cost.

Key Benefits of Using a Bidet

There are many reasons people choose to add this fixture to the bathroom, but homeowners are increasingly drawn to the bidet health benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • Improved cleanliness and better personal hygiene
  • Improved care for the skin
  • A reduced environmental impact
  • Less household waste
  • Fewer clogs and plumbing issues

How to Install a Bidet Toilet

Installing a freestanding bidet in the bathroom offers the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort, but it will require additional plumbing lines and the services of a professional. However, installing a bidet toilet seat and/or sprayer is relatively simple and can usually be done in less than half an hour on your own. For the bidet toilet seat, all you need to do is turn off the water supply, remove the old toilet seat, install a mounting plate and install your new bidet toilet seat. Turn the water supply back on, and you’re good to go. For the sprayer attachment, you likewise must turn off the water supply before connecting the T-valve and hoses. Turn the water supply back on and mount your sprayer. That’s it!

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Is it healthier to use a bidet?

Bidets keep you and your hands cleaner Washing your butt with water helps remove more fecal bacteria, potentially preventing you from spreading bacteria from your hands to your surroundings… or to other people.