Best Plants To Have In Your Bathroom

Best Plants To Have In Your Bathroom

The warm, moist climate of your bathroom isn’t just great for getting ready each day — it’s also perfect for keeping certain plants.

A great tool for adding vitality to your living spaces, household plants bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Keeping some in your bathroom can make it more inviting, enjoyable and calming.

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Which plants do best in the humid bathroom environment? Here’s a look at plants that are ideal for using in this part of your home:

  • Aloe vera: As a heat-loving succulent, aloe vera requires minimal upkeep and loves bright, indirect light. Set it away from the window in your bathroom, but somewhere that light can still hit it each day. As a bonus, the juice from this plant’s leaves are soothing and healing for minor scrapes and burns, making it a great addition to your at-home medicine cabinet.
  • Begonia: Pretty begonia blooms not only can handle bathroom humidity; they prefer it. These plants do best indoors, in fluorescent lighting, somewhere that they can get daily humidity or regular misting. If you must keep one by a bathroom window, you can, as long as it’s not north-facing.
  • Fern: Ferns such as the Boston fern, asparagus fern, staghorn fern or bird’s nest variety all do well in bathrooms. These plants prefer temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and for their soil to be kept moist but not oversaturated.
  • Cast iron plant: Named for its indestructibility, the cast iron plant is as durable as your favorite kitchen pans. This variety does best in low-light or indirect-light environments and is beloved for being so hard to kill.
  • Orchid: The elegance of an orchid makes it a great addition to a luxurious bathroom, whether set on a windowsill or on the sink corner. This plant thrives most in high humidity and indirect sunlight.
  • Peace lily: All it takes is limited light, humidity and regular watering to keep peace lilies happy in the bathroom. Don’t let the soil get too dry and move the plant to a brighter location if it’s not flowering. Otherwise, simply enjoy the natural beauty this plant offers.
  • Philodendron: Another tropical plant that requires little care is the philodendron, a hardy variety that likes bright and indirect light, average humidity levels, and temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the leaves ever start drooping, check the soil — either you watered too much or not enough.

When you’re looking for low-maintenance plants great for this part of your living space, any of these options are a perfect choice!

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