7 Creative Ideas For Your Bathroom Wall Decor

7 Creative Ideas For Your Bathroom Wall Decor

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. It should be a place where you can relax, refresh yourself and get ready for a new day — or unwind at the end of a long day. Part of creating that welcoming environment means thinking about ways you can personalize it through bathroom wall decor ideas. Looking for some ideas? We have seven below!

1. Bathroom Art Ideas to Inspire You

You may love the look of gallery walls, but in the bathroom, this may not be such a great idea. Instead, it’s better to focus on a single piece of art — hopefully something that inspires you. Why? Bathrooms require a lot of cleaning, and gallery walls can be tough to clean. There is also a lot of humidity in the bathroom, which means you should save those precious fine art pieces for elsewhere and instead focus on a single piece that you can replace or adequately protect from moisture.

2. Get ‘Shelfie-Ready’ Shelves

In the makeup and skincare worlds, “shelfies” (like selfies, except these are pictures of beautiful bathroom shelves stocked with favorite products) are all the rage right now — and with good reason. If you love creating a spa-like atmosphere, and enjoy collecting nice products in beautiful packaging, then bathroom shelf decor might be exactly what you need. Use open shelves to arrange perfume bottles, stack rolled towels, organize your favorite skincare products and more.

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3. Be Creative With Mirrors

If you want more bathroom art ideas — but you don’t necessarily want to hang expensive prints on the wall — you can get a similar sort of artistic look with beautifully framed mirrors. Put them above your vanity or place them elsewhere in the room to create a heightened sense of space. Focus on interesting designs, such as mirrors in circular frames, gilt-edged frames or something else that speaks to your tastes.

4. Go for Alcoves Instead of Shelves

This is a great way to add more shelf space to your bathroom. Plus, alcoves offer a unique visual that you can’t quite replicate with shelving. They work especially well over bathtubs, but you can place them anywhere that features a wall cavity deep enough to create space for storage or decor items.

5. Have Natural Light? Add Houseplants!

Nothing builds up a natural theme half so well as houseplants. If you have enough natural lighting, then there are lots of ways to display them in the bathroom. You can keep it simple with a plant on a shelf or on the bathroom counter, or you can add shelving to create an entire jungle wall if you so desire. Houseplants not only add a nice bit of green to the space, but they also make bathrooms feel fresher.

6. Spice Up Walls With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is coming back in fashion in a big way — and there is so much you can do with it that might end up being your favorite among bathroom wall ideas. For starters, consider the myriad patterns available today, from stripes and geometrics to floral patterns and more.

Next, think about the ways you can use it in the bathroom. You can, of course, use it to cover every wall — but that isn’t necessary if you’d rather have it as an accent. Try narrower wallpaper along the top of the wall, put wallpaper up on the lower half of the wall along with trim to create the look of wainscoting, or create a bold accent wall by wallpapering only one wall. The choices are only limited by your creativity.

7. Bring the Seasons Into the Bathroom

Prefer a decor scheme that you can update for a periodic change of pace? Then consider creating a fresh, neutral color palette within your bathroom, then changing decor according to the seasons. Spring calls for fresh flowers or houseplants to get that sense of renewal, while you can decorate with seashells and beachy items in the summer. Create a harvest theme or decorate with autumn leaves in the fall. Then, when winter rolls around, you can decorate with evergreens.

Decorating your bathroom can be a lot of fun. Feel free to use any of the ideas above or create your own. To help, here’s a guide for choosing art for your bathroom. If you’re taking on larger updates as part of a remodel, be sure to shop our selection of vanities and shower fixtures to find the perfect fit.


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