Bathroom Wall Art | 4 Ways To Revamp Your Shower Planet

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Masterpiece With Some Stylish Wall Decor Ideas

Bring peace and relaxation to your shower haven with these bathroom wall art ideas DIY

The bathroom is a place to relax, rejuvenate and simply wash away the troubles. Hence this space deserves to be more personalised. Besides the colour and the type of vanity unit, you can further style your bathroom with some other decor elements. Indoor plants and mirrors are the obvious choices for bathroom decoration. However, to up your interiors game, you can go with some stunning bathroom wall art.

Art is definitely one of the most inexhaustible sources of inspiration and calmness. You can add a piece of it to your bathroom wall to redefine the space and make it look more thoughtful and soothing. Your bathroom wall art ideas DIY will depend on your personal style. It could be a gorgeous colourful abstract piece or a witty quote to tickle your funny bones! Whatever it is, you can set the tone of your shower planet with some thoughtful bathroom wall art.

We have some ideas for small bathroom wall art that will help you elevate your bathroom decor.

1. A Gorgeous Geometric Abstraction As Your Bathroom Wall Art

This beige bathroom comes with the twist of geometric abstract bathroom wall art. While the rest of the bathroom has a very subtle and earthy tone, this small but colourful piece of art breaks the monotony and adds a fresh appeal. This type of bathroom wall art brings variety to the interiors and adds a thought-provoking depth to it.

According to studies, art that features geometrical patterns and lines brings a sense of balance. Hence adding it to one’s bathroom can add calmness and harmony to the space. Such geometric abstract art also derives an engagement for the mind to unwind and relax.

2. A Simple Abstract Painting In Black And White For Bathroom Wall Art

Here is a Wabi-Sabi, Japanese-style bathroom design that follows a very natural look. The entire bathroom is designed with organic elements – making it an ideal example of sustainable design. Thus, the bathroom has a very earthy and eco-friendly appeal. It is accentuated by a beautiful bathroom wall art, placed right above the bathtub. The art frame adds harmony to the conscious interior setup.

Screenshot 2022 07 19 at 00 57 55 2. A Simple Abstract Painting In Black And White For Bathroom Wall Art.jpg JPEG Image 940 × 564 pixels

This abstract bathroom wall art is a black and white piece that enhances the authenticity of the Wabi-Sabi design. The incompleteness of the art matches the imperfect style of the Japanese interiors.

3. Sea Framed Small Bathroom Wall Art For A Relaxing Shower Time

Going into the shower and spilling the water on your body is probably the easiest way to soothe down. In a minute, all your heaviness washes away and rejuvenates you without having to go anywhere. Yet, you can bring in a piece of nature’s calmness into your shower space with this gorgeous small bathroom wall art.

It is a pair of paintings that depicts the textures of the sea. The contemporary bathroom wall art brings in the soothing appeal of the ocean into your home. So while you are in your shower, you can escape to the blue waters of the seas through this art. The blue of the framed art also complements the turquoise floor-to-ceiling wallpaper in the bathroom.

4. A Monochrome Flower Bathroom Wall Art That Adds Character

This is an uber-cool bathroom design with a gorgeous beige colour palette. The glossy marble wall design and the sleek, transparent glass shower add depth and character to the space.

The modern bathroom is equipped with a purposeful design, making it ideal for millennials. There is a monochrome flower abstract bathroom wall art that adds a pausing effect. It enhances the calmness in the interiors.

The art piece blends well with the modern design setup while creating a distinct decorative appeal. The bathroom wall art is placed right in front of the shower space making it more visually accessible.

These are just some of the many ways you can introduce art into your bathroom space. You can go with abstract or monochrome sketches and even bathroom quotes wall art. The trick for the perfect bathroom wall art ideas DIY is to choose something in line with your bathroom’s overall design and your personality.

Remember, your bathroom is the most private area of your house. So make sure to personalise it with some bathroom wall art.

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What kind of artwork looks good in a bathroom?

In general photographs, prints, and other works that are professionally framed, with a sealed back, will fare well as bathroom wall hangings, unlikely to mildew or warp. Ceramic and glass plates or sculpture pieces, as you might imagine, also make durable bathroom art choices.