Bathroom Product Guide For Him

Bathroom Product Guide For Him

With the holidays approaching, getting him just the right gift may be challenging. Of course, any old gift won’t do for your special someone. You want something meaningful and fun, yet functional.

Like women, men value their bathroom time. They enjoy getting dapper and want a space that reflects their personality. Why not get them something to enhance their bathroom?

You may be wondering about what type of bathroom products will make him feel special. Or, you may wonder what bathroom items could possibly appeal to him. You are in luck! We’ve created a complete bathroom product guide exclusively for him below.

A Toilet Sink

Men are fans of innovation, they also like to save time whenever possible. Fortunately, you can satisfy his curiosity and help him save time while he is in the bathroom with a toilet and sink combination. Designed for efficiency, this gift will help him save money, too.

An Ironman Body Composition Scale

Healthy is the new sexy these days, and many men go the extra mile to reach their fitness goals. You can help him reach his goals by gifting him a scale that gives him details about his body composition. The Ironman Body Composition Scale goes beyond your average scale: It tells him his body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass, the amount of visceral fat he has, and more. Now, armed with more information about his physique, he can get more out of his workout and see results quicker, thanks to you.

An Infinity Mirror

Does your man like looking at himself in the mirror? Then an infinity mirror is the perfect gift. An infinity mirror is almost like taking the red pill in “The Matrix.” The mirror feels like Wonderland, and the rabbit hole knows no limits.

Beyond the novelty of the infinity mirror, the Perfect Reflection LED Infinity Mirror comes with a 10-year warranty and manufacturer’s guarantee.

A Bluetooth Showerhead

These days, music is an important aspect of society. We enjoy music in the car, when we exercise, and while we are studying. If he happens to enjoy music while he is showering, then a Bluetooth showerhead is the perfect complement to his bathing experience. No longer will he have to settle for the speakers in his iPhone or Android device. With a Bluetooth showerhead, he can wake up to his favorite music or podcast without missing a beat.

An LED Lit Toilet Seat

Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom can be awkward for him at times. If he is rising from a deep slumber, turning the bathroom lights on may affect his ability to go back to sleep when he is finished. However, leaving the lights off will require an early morning cleanup. Fortunately, there is a solution for both problems — an LED lit toilet.

You can get an LED toilet seat or an LED light to place in your toilet; both serve the same purpose — he will have no problem seeing how to take care of business, even with the lights off.

If you are stumped about what to get him for the holidays, we can take the guesswork out of the equation. Focus on making his bathroom a small man cave laced with fun, yet functional accessories he will enjoy. You can also take his bathroom from drab to fab with our bathroom accessories at Sanix Way.