About Us

Sanixway is a Canadian family-owned small business established in 2020 with the goal to create the BEST possible sanitary products for customers. Sanixway started its journey with sanitary products in order to give the good feeling of being clean and sanitized to its customers, but the big goal has been always to produce less waste in mother nature. Sanixway is proud to continue its journey by supplying the zero-waste products and to contribute in keeping our oceans clean by donating to theoceancleanup.com

Our Mission

At Sanixway, our mission is to use environmentally friendly and zero-waste materials to keep you and your environment as fresh, clean and sanitized as possible

Our Vision

Our company vision is to provide the most environmentally friendly sanitary products for all your sanitizing needs; and to keep you and your mother nature as clean and as fresh as possible by reducing the waste.