13 Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

13 Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The bathroom vanity is one of the first places most people head to before beginning the day—so, it’s a good idea to give some serious thought to how you want it to look and feel.

A bathroom vanity should not only complement the design concept, layout, and style of your bathroom, but it should also match your lifestyle, habits, and budget. Here are some ideas for your bathroom renovation or remodel that will take your morning and evening grooming rituals to a whole new level.

  • Create a Spot For Both Parents and Kids

In the tiled master bathroom of their Chinatown loft in Los Angeles, Dan Bernier and Amy Finn Bernier have a child-height vanity next to an adult-sized version. It’s a clever way to impart good oral hygiene habits to the little ones.

  • Drape Everything With Wood

Don’t be afraid to use wood in your bathroom. It will create a serene, Zen-like atmosphere and if you’re in a woodsy area, it can connect the space to your surroundings. This Japanese-style bathroom, which is clad in teak, features a matching tub and sink by Bath in Wood. Make sure to do your research in order to find the right wood for moist spaces—and use it consciously.

  • Customize a Basic Basin With Some Simple DIY

This sink in the half bath of Shane Michael Pavonetti’s Austin home was special-ordered from Home Depot. Pavonetti designed the base to give the basin a snug fit. He built it out of a steel rod and painted it with black shoe polish.

  • Repurpose Natural Materials

In the bathroom of Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser’s “Japanese-industrial style” Hollywood home is an irregularly shaped sink that’s made of a boulder that was taken from the property of one of Funn Roberts’ friends (the builder and designer of the home). The organic stone seems to float adjacent to the shower and soaking tub.

  • Introduce a Classic Touch With a Pedestal Sink

Though not as popular as it used to be, the classic ceramic pedestal sink can bring a touch of heritage design to your modern bathroom. It can be especially appropriate if you’re updating a traditional, heritage home with modern design details. They work well with subway-tiled walls and clawfoot bathtubs. This particular one was sourced from Waterworks and is paired with a salvaged antique tub and Malaga cement tiles from Town and Country Surfaces.

  • Make a Dedicated Space For Two With Double Sinks

Double vanities have become more popular than ever, both in homes and hotels. Separate sunk-in sinks offer couples the option to brush their teeth at the same time. At this modern farmhouse in Texas, the double marble sink is from Restoration Hardware while the rug is from West Elm.

  • Go Industrial

Don’t be afraid to let some of the inner workings of a bathroom show. It results in a very specific look, but if you’re renovating an old warehouse or industrial building, it may be the most convenient option and can give a welcoming nod to the building’s origins. This teak-and-steel vanity sits in a shipping container home in San Francisco that was designed by Carson Studio.

  • Conceal All Your Goods With a Freestanding Cabinet

One of the most popular types of vanities on the market today is the freestanding vanity with built-in storage. This red powder-coated Kohler option is ideal for storing toilet paper, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities out of sight.

  • Create Open Storage With a Console Vanity

This option is similar in structure to a freestanding cabinet unit but has exposed storage shelves rather than closed-door cupboards. A console vanity creates a light and elegant look, while still providing storage space for towels or toiletry baskets.

  • Create a Minimalist Look With a Vessel Sink

Constructed with a sink basin that sits on top of the vanity counter, a vessel sink is a sophisticated and sculptural option. Some have half sphere or half oval-shaped basins in a variety of materials. Though vessel sinks can be more costly to install, the color and material contrast between the basin and counter—as seen in this solid brass bowl sink on top of a custom Corian base—can add an extra layer of style to your bathroom.

  • Go Concrete

The master bathroom of this North Carolina home features contemporary, custom-made concrete countertop with a pair of integrated trough sinks.

  • Mount It

Wall-mounted sinks can help you save space, though it’s important to ensure they’re well-designed and made with high-quality materials to prevent cracking and breakage. In this bathroom, Annick Houle designed the ofuro tub in the master bath to mesh with the home’s tallowwood wall paneling. The Ikea sink is outfitted with Vola faucets.

  • Go Streamlined With an Under-Mount Sink

Classic yet modern vanities with under-mount sinks, such as this Duravit D-code option, are ideal for a seamless and restrained look.


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