10 Perfect Paint Colors For A Beautiful Bathroom

10 Perfect Paint Colors For A Beautiful Bathroom

Nothing transforms the look of a room quite like paint color. So, when you want to give a bathroom a fresh spin, consider refreshing the walls. Below are 10 of the best colors to use in a bathroom and what makes each a great choice.

  1. Soothing blue. Wet areas of a home naturally fit well with colors that remind you of the sea: blues, greens, grays, etc. Blue shades in particular will often offer a watery feel, perfect for the bright and clean space of a bathroom. Look for blue-green or blue-gray shades that highlight an ocean appeal.
  2. Seafoam green. A pastel green color also hints at a coastal aesthetic and pairs beautifully with other neutrals or sea colors. Look for a soothing green shade that reminds you of charming beach cottages, for example.
  3. Crisp white. White walls have been on trend for a while, with good reason. Creating a neutral backdrop for all kinds of decorating styles, white is a wall color with universal appeal. Look for a warm white to keep the bathroom cozy and inviting, and pair it with a super-white trim to make the walls pop.
  4. Off-white. For a color with neutral appeal yet a little something extra, try going with an off-white or cream shade. Slightly more interesting than basic white, these shades are still simple enough to pair well with anything.
  5. Tan or taupe. Soothing neutrals such as tan or taupe also work well in bathrooms, particularly when paired with high-end touches such as marble floors or counters. Their comforting cream look makes for a warm, cozy choice.
  6. Cool gray. Gray colors are neutrals that boast a modern flair. When you’re looking for a background color that mixes well with current fixtures, gray is always a good way to go.
  7. Dark gray. Complementary to any skin tone and easy to mix and match with decorating styles, dark gray is another bathroom power color today. With this and any other dark paint choices, always pair it with good lighting that makes it easy to see how you look when you’re getting ready day or night.
  8. Dark navy. When you’re willing to go big and bold with a wall color, dark navy is a timeless choice. Balance dark walls with white cabinetry and counters for a great combination. Copper and brass fixtures also work beautifully with this hue.
  9. Dark green. Soothing and moody, dark green can make for a beautiful bathroom paint choice. Look for a green-gray hue that feels refreshing in daylight and elegant at night.
  10. Pink. In any bathroom that’s small or has little natural light, a pastel shade is a delicate, charming choice. Go pretty in pink and pair the walls with clean, white features to complete the appeal.

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Choosing the best paint color for your bathroom starts with knowing your style and preferences. Explore the ideas above to get inspired with some possibilities, and imagine how your space will change with a new wall color!

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What color looks best in a bathroom?

What works best in bathrooms are neutral colors like light grays, warmer off-whites, and calming, soft blue-greens. Your current bathroom decor, furniture, and fixtures should inspire paint color ideas.