Hand Soap Foaming Tablets 4 Fragnances


Foaming Hand Soap Tablet

Sanixway Hand Soap Tablets are designed to eliminate the use of plastic soap bottles in your home or office. You can save tons of plastic bottles when you use these refillable hand soap tablets. They are an 8-gram tablets in a single pack that makes 250ml to 350ml (8 to 13fl oz) of foaming hand soap for up to 200 hand washes.

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Hand Soap Foaming Tablets 4 Fragnances
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Toilet Bidet Attachment

Sanixway bidet attachment is designed to fit any standard toilet. Fits easily and comfortably under any standard toilet seat and the bowl and the gap will be filled with sanixway toilet seat bumpers. (included in the package)

High quality parts, chrome-plated knob and lever, stylish design, SanixWay bidet attachment will transform your bathroom experience to the next-level.  Washing has never been this FUN!

Clean better than wipe. Always feel fresh like you’ve just showered.  With SanixWay bidet cleaning nozzle spray adjuster + water pressure control lever; spray, clean, leave nothing behind.  No more red marks, infections and dingleberries.  Fresh + Clean frontal + Rear Cleaning.  Perfect for female wash. The female genal spray is ideal for monthly cycles and new mothers.

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Portable & Travel Bidet

  • BPA-FREE MATERIALS EASY NOZZLE STORAGE: Unique bidet nozzle design provides the most convenient and mess-free nozzle storage of any travel bidet – discreet travel bag included.
  • CONSISTENT SPRAY: bidet air lock allows for a consistent spray after each squeeze
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Full size reservoir for effective cleansing, 480ml. you’ll have more than enough water to confidently clean yourself.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE –Sanixway Portable Bidet is a lightweight and made of quality plastic, You are able to determine if you want more or less water pressure simply by only using your hands.
  • ANGLED SPRAY DESIGN: specifically designed to spray at an angle for perfect aim
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